Face Off/On!

At JK’s place.

Me: You know, I’m thinking of picking up a wireless charging plate for my phone.

JK: Dude! It’s a waste of money!

Me: I’m going buy it, just like that.

JK: Dude! You can’t charge the phone and talk simultaneously! And the phone needs to placed on the charging plate for it to charge!

Me: Yeah, I know!

JK: Then why do you want to buy it?

Me: Because I want to!

JK: Jeez, are you rolling in money?

Me: Maybe?

JK: Do you have some sort of a side business happening?  

Me: Why?

JK: Dude! Tell me!

Me: There’s nothing to tell!

JK: Mere maathe pe chutiya likha hai na? (My face has stupid written all over it, isn’t?)

Me: Pretty much, yeah!

JK: C%^&#!