The Serial Whatsapper!

JK is a smooth operator when it comes to women.  Every weekend, we’d go to a club / pub and he’d be back home with a new chick (ok, almost every weekend). Anyhow, what he didn’t take into account is that chicks love to talk and text, which he really hates.

*One fine day*

JK: Sh* t man!

Me: What?

JK: There is this hot chick I met last weekend. 

Me: Ok…

JK: So I got her number yesterday from Facebook. 

Me: Ok..

JK: Now she’s texting me all the time. 

Me: So?

JK: I hate texting, and this female texts a lot! Like a lot!

Me:  Hmmmmm, maybe she likes you a lot. 

JK: That’s fine. But I don’t like texting!

Me: Seesh, fine man…

JK: You text a lot right?

Me: Ummmm, yeah..

JK: I got a plan!

Me: Go on…

JK: I’ll give you her number and you text her as me!

Me: My Whatsapp display picture is my face!

JK: So change it to my face! 

Me: This sounds really stupid but go on…

JK: Yeah so, you text her, she’s happy and she’ll become close to you. Which means me. 

Me: What if she wants to call up?

JK: That time you let me know and I’ll call her up from my number!

Me: What if she asks why you have two numbers?

JK: I’ll tell her that I usually use my ‘work’ number to call people up due to cheaper call rates!

Me: What if she calls up on my number instead?

JK: Then don’t pick up!

Me: So I should do I all this charade just so that you get laid?

JK: Exactly!

Me: Tu kitna harami hai (You’re such a ch***!)

JK: 🙂

Me: #facepalm!