Bathroom Woes

*Overheard in office*

Guy 1: Which loo do you use?

Guy 2: As in?

Guy 1: As in, the one in the right corner of the office or the one in the left corner?

Guy 2: I dunno!

Guy 1: What you mean you dunno?

Guy 2: I have issues with both the loos.

Guy 1: Like?

Guy 2: The first one, the flush is so strong that it splashes on my pants!

Guy 1: Yeah! That happened to me too! Plus they had put that Harpic blue thingy and the water was all blue. All of that splashed on my pant and that left a blue stain!

Guy 2: Damn!

Guy 1: Yeah…

Guy 2: The second one, the pressure is too less! I don’t feel confident while flushing. Need to flush a couple of time before things completely disappear!

Guy 1: Yeah man! What to do?

Guy 2: Complain to the Office Manager, I guess?

Guy 1: Yeah… That only

Me: #DafaqDidIHear?

Bill Hader