Some Like It Hot!

I was at a local South Indian restaurant. Since I live in Bangalore, these restaurants are referred to as Dakshina Sagars. Or something like that.

Two PYT’s with their bf’s enter. (Surprise surprise)

BF #1: What do you guys want?

BF #2: I’ll have a lime juice!

PYT #1: Ummmmm, I’d like a coffee..

BF #1: Coffee? Here?

PYT #1: Yeah…. I want something hot..

Cashier: Masala Dosa is hot….

Me: Hahahaha… Good one!

*Cashier and I exchange smiles* (It wasn’t gay as it hints. No Brokeback Mountain stuff)

BF #1: Whatever!

Me: Don’t be hating. That was hilarious!

BF #1: Whatever!

Me: 😀


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