For The Love Of Belgium!

AB and I were chilling at the Barking Deer Brewpub, near Lower Parel.

*Watching Football on the TV*

AB: What league is this?

Me: It says Liga BBVA. So, I’m guessing that it’s the Spanish League.

AB: Ah ok… Which league is better?

Me: As in?

AB: You know, the English League or the Spanish League?

Me: I don’t think you can compare like that…

AB: Why not?

Me: Because all the leagues have a different style of playing. So you really can’t compare. That’s why you have the Champions League, to find the best football club in Europe.

AB: Hmmmm… Alright… So which one is your favourite?

Me: The German league…

AB: Is it?

Me: Yeah…

AB: So why you aren’t drinking German beer?

Me: Eh?

#Facepalm moment#

AB: Well…?

Me: By that logic, my favourite league should be the Belgian league…

AB: They have a football league in Belgium?

Me: #Faceplam

*Two Strikes*

*In his defence, we were one litre of beer down each*