Let’s Take It Outside!

Here I was, trying to write a blog post. Unfortunately I couldn’t concentrate because CG, MS and VS  were watching a Rajnikanth flick in the hall. Being the Rajnikanth fanboys they are, every action sequence was met with “Maccha, semma scene da” or “Macchi, appidi pode” or just permutations and combinations of the previous two lines.

After half hour of trying to write, I got bugged, walked into the living room and decided to give them a piece of my mind.

Me: What the hell is happening? Why you people acting like hooligans in a seedy theater?

Everyone: Dude! It’s Rajni man! It’s RAJNI!

Me: So?

Everyone: So? So? How dare you dis Rajni? He’s our Thalaiva!

Me: Big deal! Turn the volume down!

CG: Or else?

Me: Or else I’m gonna beat the sh*t out of you!

CG: Oh yeah? 

Me: Yes! You wanna mess with me? You wanna mess with me, punk?

*CG stands up. He’s a good couple of inches taller than me*

CG: You were saying?

Me: I said, “You wanna take this outside?”.

CG: You wanna take me on? 

Me: Sure, why not? Unless you’re scared!

CG: You talk too much! Let’s do this! Let’s take this outside!

*Both of us walk towards the front door*

Me: I’m going to whoop your skinny a** to the ground!

CG: We’ll see about that!

*CG walks out of the front door*


*I shut the front door shut with CG outside*

*It’s around 12 degrees outside and CG is his boxers*

CG: You sneaky f***! Let me in!

*Loud banging on the door*

Me: You wanted to take it outside? Now stay outside!

CG: Dude! It’s freezing outside and I’m in my undies!

Me: Anyone else wanna take it outside? 

MS & VS: Ummmmm, yeah we’ll tone it down. 




PS: Don’t worry, I let CG back in after 15 minutes.