Tequila, Mi Amor!

I was at The Humming Tree for a concert and I happen to run into some of my old college buddies. I got pretty excited on seeing them, lots of hugs going around and other weird male bonding stuff. Probably because I was four beers down. Anyways, I was feeling happy and I ordered a round of tequila for everyone.

Yeah, not a smart idea.

Me: Cheers everyone!

College Buddy: Cheers!

*After 20 mins*

Me: Buy us a round of beer, buddy!

College Buddy: Actually, I’m not drinking tonight!

Me: What! How come?

College Buddy: Well, I quit drinking!

Me: Why?

College Buddy: Just staying sober!

Me: Alright then, I won’t force you!

College Buddy: Cool man!

Me: Alright, catch ya later!

*After 30 mins*

Me: What the…. He just drank the tequila that I bought for him! That S.O.B! He said that he quit drinking!

*That MOFO*


Being Single

MC’s birthday party was coming up. As a part of the celebrations, he decided to fly down to Bangalore and throw a massive party at JK’s . The modus operandi was to get krunk f***ing drunk. As simple as that.

 PS: I think this blog is read better while listening to Fancy by Iggy Azalea, for some reason.

MC: Wassup?

Me: You tell me!

MC: So the Bangalore trip is on!

Me: Awwwright!

MC: The agenda is to get sh*t faced drunk!

Me: You had me at sh..! 😛

MC: Hahaha! And guess what?

Me: What?

MC: We have some hotties flying in from Mumbai and Delhi to join us for the party!

Me: Seriously?

MC: Yup!

Me: Nice!

MC: The menu as of now is a crate of beer, four bottles of Absolute vodka,  five bottles of Dewar’s whiskey, two bottles of tequila and two bottles of champagne!

Me: Oh. Sweet. Mary. Joseph. Jesus!

MC: Hahahaha!

Me: So the party is in two weeks! By that time I’ll…

MC: Be single?

Me: Eh?

MC: Be single so that you can have some fun? 😉

Me: Errr, I was about to say lay low. As in lay low till the party and then *boom*!

MC: Yeah, that too!

Me: Douche!

MC: You too!

Moral Of The Story: Men Will Always Be Men.


Manners Maketh A Man

My friend LKB currently stays in Mumbai. Once in a while or so, he comes to Bangalore to visit me.

One such occasion, we headed to a house party.

*Party was coming to an end and people were saying goodbye to each other*

*My friend AK walks upto to LKB as he was leaving to go to the airport*

 AK: Hey man, nice meeting you!

LKB: Same here!

AK: See you soon!

LKB: I don’t think so…..

*LKB shakes his hands and walks off*

*AK is perplexed*

*He walks upto AS and me*

AK: Hey, did I do anything wrong?

Me: Say what?

AK: I told him, ‘see you soon’ and he was like , ‘I don’t think so’. Did I do anything wrong?

*AS decided to screw with him*

AS: Yeah man, when you handed him his drink, you did with your left hand. Some people find that offensive.

Me: Yeah dude, big faux pas man. 

AK: Oh sh*t man… I didn’t realize it… I hope he wasn’t too offended. 

Me: I think he was, he’s staunch Catholic, you know…

AK: Oh god… I didn’t mean it… I mean, it wasn’t intentional… 

AS: You should call him up and apologize...

AK: You’re right… I should do it right away!

*At this point, AS and I were rolling on the floor, laughing*

AK: Ummmmm, what’s so funny?

AS: Hahahaha…. Nothing, you oaf…

AK: C’mon!

Me: Chill man… We’ve been screwing with you. LKB is going back to Mumbai tonight. 

AK: Phew… That’s a relief…

AS: Yeah, you’re easy easy! Now for some Tequila shots!

Me: Yeah b*tches!