Gas, Ass or Grass – No One Rides For Free!

CG, MS and I were watching the finale of MTV Splitsvilla 6 and one of the ads that caught my attention was the ad for the new Yamaha FZ-R. The ad ended with the guy choosing to spend the rest of the night by taking his bike out for a ride, instead of choosing to bed the gorgeous chick he was dancing with. She wanted it bad, real bad. 😀

Me: So MS, what would you choose? The bike or the babe?

MS: Well….I would put the girl behind me on the bike, take her to my room and bang her! FTW!

Me: No, you can’t have both. Either choose the bike or the babe!

MS: It depends on the bike and the babe.

Me: Ok…Let’s see. Which chick do you find hot from Splitsvilla? Shatakshi? Subuhi? Ruby?

MS: Hmmmm….I really don’t like anyone from Splitsvilla.

Me: Not even one? C’mon look at them!

MS: Hmmmmm… I guess Mandy is cute.

Me: Awesome, so would you wanna bang her?

MS: Hahaha. Yeah, sure.. Why not?

Me: Why are you laughing so much?

MS: Where is she? Is she standing outside? Is that her knocking on the door? Or she is already in my room?

*MS starts walking around the house, peeping into all the rooms, opening the front doot and so on*

MS: Or are you going to use your contacts and get her here? Tell me? If she’s here, then I’d definitely want to bang her!

Me: Errrrrr…

MS: So does that answer your question?

Me: Seeesh…. You don’t have to be a d*ck about it!