It’s Just A Wedge!

Day: Sunday

Location: Hall

Along with a couple of friends, we were having a movie marathon. After finishing Salt and The World’s End, we decided to watch Nasha, which features the luscious Poonam Pandey.

The movie starts with a shower scene. The busty babe is lathering soap all over her body. Starting from the top and slowing moving downwards. The camera angle is ensuring that all of us are glued to every second of the movie. The shower scene is cut short, thanks to a phone call.

*Fast Forward*

Poonam Pandey walks into the school and the horny teenagers seem to have lost all form of self control. Anyhow, as she walks past the students, the camera angles shows off her curvaceous bottom, her mini skirt and finally her gorgeous long legs. As the camera pans down her legs….

CG: Did you all see THAT!

Us: See what?

CG: That’s a WEDGE!

Us: A what?

CG: A wedge! See, it’s neither a heel nor a platform shoe!

Us: Are you seriously talking about her shoes?

CG: Duh!

Us: #Facepalm!


PS: I wasted two hours of my life watching this movie, which I cannot reclaim. #FML.’