The Meltdown

CG and I were at the local branch of Adyar Ananda Bhavan, a high-class-pure-vegetarian restaurant, where families frequent.

*Waiting at the self service counter for the food to be delivered*

Me: What movie should we watch tomorrow?

CG: Let’s go for Despicable Me 2!

Me: I want to watch something else.. I don’t want to watch a cartoon movie. 

CG: What other choice do we have?

Me: Well, there’s The Lone Ranger, Man Of Steel and Lootera

CG: We’ve already seen Man Of Steel… Lootera? No thanks!

Me: So… The Lone Ranger then?

CG: Meh…. Let’s watch Despicable Me 2 instead! 

Me: Why not The Lone Ranger? It’s got Johnny Depp in it!

CG: Well…. It’s got a bad rating on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB!

Me: Dude! You do this all the time!

CG: Do what?

Me: Whenever I suggest a movie, the first thing you do is google that movie, read the plot, see the ratings and then decide that you don’t want to watch that movie!

CG: Yeah so? I don’t like watching sh*tty movies! 

Me: Dude! For once just enjoy the movie without any presumptions!

CG: Nothing wrong in doing that!

Me: I don’t f***ing care about Rotten Tomatoes. I don’t f***ing care about IMDB! I don’t give a flying f*** about all these f***ing c****! Got it? Comprende? For f***ing once, could we f***ing watch a f***ing movie without you f***ing being a presumptuous f***ing d***?

*I don’t know what set it off, but I went ballistic*

CG: Jeez… Seesh! Fine! We’ll go for The Lone Ranger! 

*We turn around*

*Around 20 people were starring at us, some of them with young kids*

*I didn’t realize how loud I was*

CG: Wanna cancel the order and make a run for it?

Me: Yeah…. Good idea..


PS: We ended up watching Despicable Me 2.