Roomies Be Crazy

Most of my female friends complain that their boyfriends spend so much time with their roommates that it feels like they have a baby or a third wheel at all times. I laugh it off, telling them that they are just delusional but they keep on insisting that their significant others are in a domestic partnership with their roommates.

Anyhow, I started believing this after watching my brother and his roommate fight. My brother and his roommate were staying over for the week. They had a week long holiday and they thought that they’ll chill in Bangalore during that time.

Then this happened.

Bro: Dude!

Roomie: Yeah?

Bro: Did you pay the electricity bill?

Roomie: Ummm… No dude…

Bro: Why not?

Roomie: I forgot bro…

Bro: What the f***, dude!

Roomie: I was high dude, it completely skipped my mind!

Bro: How many times did I remind you to pay the electricity bill?

Did I not give you the money for it already?

How could you forget?

This happens all the time!

Why are you always high?

Why do I have fix all your f*** ups?

Why can’t you function like a normal human being for once?

It’s like you don’t even listen to me!

Are you even listening to me?

Roomie: Chill dude, we’ll go back and pay the bill!

Bro: You stupid f***!

By the time we go back, they would have cut the power!

The last day to pay the bill was the day we left!

The things in the fridge will go bad!

Do you ever think about things like that?

Do you? Of course not! Because you are a f***ing retard!

Roomie: Bro… Chill bro!

Bro: Chill? You want to me chill?

Then pay the f***ing electricity bill on time for once!

Act like the a grown up for once!

*This went on for the next 20 minutes*

*Yes, twenty minutes*

*After the ranting*

Me: Wow! You guys are like a proper couple!

Bro: ^&*(#6@$^!