She Knows Me Not!

FF is one guy who literally has no friends, other than LKB, SV and me. So it’s always surprising that when he happens to meet people randomly on the street. Even more interesting when he meets women. 😉

About eight years back (damn, it’s been so long), the three of us, LKB, FF and me went to the swankiest multiplex in town. Nothing great about it, except that there were no other movie theater which came close to providing good entertainment.

Anyhow, while we were waiting for the movie to start, FF spotted an old friend of his (allegedly) from school. Let’s call her Priya. Priya was a hottie. Imagine Preity Zinta with Deepika Padukone‘s body. She clearly looked like the type who wouldn’t be friends with idiots (losers) like us and definitely not someone like FF. She happened to be FF’s family friend, used to go to tuition together with him and what not. At least that’s what FF claimed.

So we told FF, “Call her man. Both of you should catch up”. While sniggering of course.

FF called out to her. “Priya!” She turned in our direction, not sure who was calling. We were about 20 feet away from her. “Priya!”, FF screamed again. Priya looked at FF. She clearly had no idea who he was. “Priya! Come here!”. She was accompanied by two guys. She nodded her head, indicating that she didn’t know FF.

“Wait there! I’ll come there!” and FF walked towards her. LKB and I were just watching, laughing and laughing even more. Those two guys who were with her, clearly looked like the types who could bench press 100 times without breaking a sweat and they sort of started flexing when FF was walking upto them.

All we could see was FF trying to say something to her and she kept on mouthing “I’m sorry, I don’t remember” to him. After ten minutes of trying FF walks back. “So what happened?”, I asked, while trying hide a smirk on my face. “That stupid b*tch doesn’t remember me man! We were very close you know, our moms are best of friends!” said a dejected FF. “Sure thing man, b*tches be crazy no? Come let’s watch the movie now”, LKB added. And three of us walked into the movie hall as the sun started setting on the horizon.

*The End*

Lol. B*tches be crazy it seems. To this day, I still believe that FF tried to pull a fast one on us.


Trolled : Level – Baws!

This happened to a friend of mine, AS.

His friend:  Man, you gotta watch this movie! Jhoom Barabar Jhoom! It’s awesome!

AS: Really?

His friend:  Yup! It’s f***ing awesome! It’s got Abhishek Bachchan, Lara Dutta, Preity Zinta, Bobby Deol and Amitabh Bachchan! Need I say more?  

AS: Alright, I’ll watch it today at the theater. 

His friend:  Awesome!

*AS goes for the movie*

*After the first 15 mins, calls up his friend*

AS: Dude, wtf is happening? 

His friend:  Chill dude, it gets better going forward.

*After 45 mins*

AS: Dude, everyone’s got a spouse. Bloody hell?!

His friend:  Dude, hold on man!


AS: Dude! This movie is crap!

His friend:  The best part is after the interval! Promise!

AS: Sigh, ok!

*After the movie ends*

AS: Dude! F** you! This was the worst  piece of crap I’ve ever seen! 200 bucks gone down the drain! Why, would you do this to me?!

His friend:  Well, I didn’t want to be the only guy in college to have watched this stupid movie…. So, thanks! 😀