What Is Snail Mail?

We were getting trained to use a new CRM software called Zoho.

Lady Boss: So when you click here, the RM sends an email to the client directly.

Everyone: Alright…

Lady Boss: And if you want to send a snail mail, you click over here. It generates the invoice to be printed.

Everyone: Alright….

NMD: Ummmm….

Lady Boss: What?

NMD: What is snail mail…?

Lady Boss: Really?

NMD: Yeah… What is it?

Lady Boss: Back in the day, we had regular mail.

NMD: Yes….

Lady Boss: Then electronic mail came out…

NMD: Yes…

Lady Boss: Which was faster than your regular mail. So now, the regular mail is now snail mail…

NMD: Ok….

Lady Boss: You got it?

NMD: But why is called snail mail? It doesn’t move as fast as a snail…!

Everyone: Oh god!

*Facepalm moment*