Our office had recently adopted a kitten. I was on leave on the day that it had happened. When I went to office the next day, I was very surprised to hear that she was named Mia Khalifa. Yes, you read that right.

Me: So you guys named the cat Mia Khalifa?

LB: Yeah… She’s Wiz Khalifa’s cousin, right?

Me: Well…

DB: Of course, she is!

Me: Yes, I had forgotten!

LB: I like that name…

Us: *suppressing laughter* Okies! 

*After 30 mins*

LB: Wait a min! WB come here!

WB: What?

LB: I know who Mia Khalifa is!

WB: Wiz Khalifa’s cousin!

LB: She’s a pornstar!

WB: The worlds best pornstar!

LB: Arrrrghhh!

Me: You really didn’t know who Mia Khalifa was?

LB: No!

Me: You must be living under a rock!

LB: Chu…


Wanna see the little monster?



You’d Think So?

My roomie MS is a natural sales guy. He can convince an Eskimo to buy a refrigerator. Yup, that’s how good he is. Unfortunately, under the influence of alcohol, MS tends to shoot his mouth off. And that happens very often. It’s funny to watch him at first, then it just gets really painful to bear him. Although this doesn’t seem to affect the no. of women who tend to fall head over heels for him.

One day after work, MS was drunk as usual. He called me up and asked me to pick him up. CG agreed to tag along. When we picked MS up, he was heavily inebriated and was on the phone with one of his lady friends.

Ladyfriend: blah blah blah blah……

MS: Oh yeah? That’s good. So what else?

Ladyfriend: blah blah blah blah……

MS: Oh, you have a dog. Sweet! I love dogs. What’s your dogs name?

Ladyfriend: blah blah blah blah Tommy….

MS: Tommy? That’s such a stupid name for a dog! You should name your dog *******. That’s  a kickass name. Who the hell names their dog Tommy?

Ladyfriend: blah blah blah blah hospital…..

MS: Oh, he’s at the vet? Critical condition? I hope your dog dies! Then you can get a new dog and name it ********! That’s an apt name for a dog! Let that be a lesson to you, not to name your pet something stupid like Tommy! 

The line goes dead.

MS: Hello? Hello? There?

MS looks at us with a sheepish grin.

MS: Dude, I think she hung up.

Me: No Shit, Sherlock.