Yo Shawty! It’s Your Birthday! – 2

Since a lot of people asked, here’s how the whole day unfolded.

Time: 00:15 am, 6th June

Location: Home

Alcohol Level: None

Substance Abuse Level (Units): 2

JK, NM, KA and Le Gf come over with a delicious cake and we have an impromptu party on my terrace.


Time: 10:00am, 6th June

Location: Office

Alcohol Level: None

Substance Abuse Level (Units): 1

And that’s how you start office.

Time: 4:00pm, 6th June

Location: Office

Alcohol Level: Half bottle of Banana Wine, One-third bottle of Cashew Wine, One-third bottle of Grape Wine and three shots of Vodka.

Substance Abuse Level (Units): 2

And that’s how you start a birthday celebration.


Yes, someone did gift me two humongous jackfruits!

Time: 9:00pm, 6th June

Location: The Humming Tree

Alcohol Level: Three pints of beer and one Long Island Ice Tea.

Substance Abuse Level (Units): 0

Around 30 people turned up to wish me! We were so noisy that Monica Dogra of Shaa’ir and Func (and David and Dobhi Ghat fame) commented that we’re making more noise than them. She was sweet enough to wish me though!


PS: The gig was mad!

1  3 4 5

Time: 1:00am, 7th June

Location: JK’s house

Alcohol Level: Three rounds of whiskey and two rounds of Old Monk

Substance Abuse Level (Units): 4

Memorable incidents include (which I have no recollection): Me jumping on the couch and screaming,”ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?” followed by me flinging a chair across JK’s living room. Yes, I was drunk. No brownie points for guessing.

No pics here! 😛

Anyhow, it was a maaaaaaad party and all thanks to Le Gf for organizing everything. And I got gifted around four pairs of shoes, which means that I don’t have to buy anything for the next two years!



Yeah, that’s pretty much how I did it!



Let’s Party, Like It’s 1999!

MS and I were high as a kite when we decided to throw a party during the coming weekend. Then we realized that due to the upcoming elections, all the booze shops in Bangalore would be closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We were at Wednesday.

After making a few calls, we decided to do a booze run and stock up the booze. We took everyone’s order. This is what we had to pick up.

1. Smirnoff Espresso – Full

2. Smirnoff Regular – Half

3. Eristoff – Full

4. Old Monk – Full

5. 8PM – Full

6. Royal Stag – Full

7. Signature – Half

8. Cashew Fenny – Full x 2

(Yeah, we party like it’s 1999)

We managed to reach our local booze boutique (Yes, we Bangaloreans are a classy lot. We have booze boutiques!)

We managed to pick up everything on our list, which wasn’t easy because we were high.

This is what we where like:

Anyways, MS’s eyes fell on this beauty.


MS: I don’t care how much this costs, we gotta buy this! 

*I check the price, it was the same as buying a full bottle of Smirnoff*

Me: Deal! Lets do it! 

*We reached our home safely, tugging along all that booze*

MS: C’mon! Hurry up! I wanna see the new addition to our collection! 

*I start opening the box*

Me: Ok, here’s the bottle. And here is the……

*Out comes a bottle of coke*

MS: Where dafaq is the glass?

Me: Bloody hell!

*We were so high that we didn’t read the box. The box said free coke not free glass. We’s assumed that the glass was free due to the illustration*

Me: Dude! The box says free coke! Not glass! We’ve been trolled! 

MS: Dafaq! No one can know about this! 

Me: Errrrrr, alright!