B*tches Be Crazy!

My friend AS is a classy guy. When he takes out a woman for a date, he does the whole drill. He picks her up, plays some sweet mood music, then on to some happening club, then a long drive and finally, a happy ending (if you catch my drift ;))

On one such date.

*He picks up the hottie*

AS: So shall I put some music?

Hottie: Sure!

AS: What kind of music do you like?

Hottie: I can listen to anything!

AS: Let me skip through some songs, let me know if you like anything.

Hottie: Okies!

AS: Metallica?

Hottie: Meh, I don’t like metal.

AS: Nirvana?

Hottie: Meh, they scream a lot.

AS: David Guetta?

Hottie: I only like his music when it’s playing at a club.

AS: Ummmmm, ok.. How about Nickelback?

Hottie: Too loud.

AS: Errrrr, I’ll just skip through, stop me when you like something.

Hottie: Ok. Oh wait! I love that song!

AS: Amplifier?

Hottie: Yes! Woohoo! I love Imran Khan!

AS: #facepalm


PS: Here’s the song.

PPS: I don’t think AS cared too much. She put out during the date. A happy ending, as usual.