Need For Speed!

After I had published Multitasking, Like A Baws, I got quite a few mails from my readers who were reminiscing about their college days, when they would go lengths to hide their porn. So I’d thought I’ll share this anecdote with you all about LKB and his porn collection.

*I walk into LKB’s room*

Me: Hey man!

LKB: Hey!

Me: Do you have any computer games? 

LKB: Yeah man, check my cupboard. There’s a Cd pouch with all my Cd’s in it. You’ll find the games Cd’s there as well. 

*LKB directs me towards his cupboard. I find one pouch where all the Cd’s were titled ‘NFS’*

Me: Whoa, didn’t realize that you were a big fan of Need For Speed. You’ve got many versions. 

LKB: Hahaha. No man. They are all porn movies. 

Me: Huh? Then why would you name all of them as NFS?

LKB: In case my mom found some of my Cd’s by mistake, I could always tell her that it’s a computer game. She knows about NFS.

Me: Hmmmmm, ok. What if she asks why do you have so many NFS Cd’s?

LKB: Duh! I’ll tell her that there are many versions of this game. 

Me: Hmmmm, ok. What if you mistake your porn Cd for the actual game and give it someone else? 

LKB: That’ll never happen. I’ve named the Cd’s NFS for a reason.

Me: What’s that?

LKB: NFS – Need For Sex! 

Me: Hahaha! Good one!