The Laptop Scene

At the Bangalore airport, I was at the security check.

As per the instructions, we were required to take our laptops and jackets out of the hand baggage and place it on the tray separately. This was cumbersome for me, as I was carrying a backpack and a laptop and a jacket and an iPad. So yeah, I had to take out a lot of things.

*Chatting with boss at the queue*

Me: Why do they ask us to remove our laptops from the bags? Anyhow, my bag is going inside for a scan.

Dude Boss: The scanners can’t see through the laptops. So you can easily conceal things under it. So, to be sure, they ask you to remove the laptop.

Me: Man, this is so cumbersome. I have to literally empty my entire bag.

Dude Boss: That’s why I travel light!

Me: Uh..Huh…

Dude Boss: See, I don’t even carry my laptop during trips. I just use my tablet. It’s got a big screen and it’s portable…

Me: You know…

Dude Boss: What?

Me: If I had the same shitty laptop as yours, even I wouldn’t bring it along for a trip. #JustSaying

Dude Boss: Chu…

Me: 😀