Are You A Belieber?

I was at Stones and I thought I saw my friend TK there. Since I wasn’t sure, so I texted her. Later I figured out that it wasn’t her.

TK replied the next day.

TK: Hey!

Me: Wassup?

TK: Sorry, didn’t reply last night.

Me: It’s ok…

TK: I wasn’t sure if that text was for me.

Me: That’s fine. There was a chick there who looked just like you, but later I figured out that it wasn’t you!

TK: Hahaha! Really? How’d you figure out that?

Me: Well, for starters her boyfriend looked like Justin Beiber. You know, long hair with bangs and an emo hairstyle.

TK: Yikes!

Me: I know what your boyfriend looks like…

TK: Hmmmmm…

Me: Also, she did her tongue down his throat during most of the evening. So, I was pretty sure that wasn’t you!

TK: Hey! Too much info! Besides, how’d you know that I don’t have my tongue down his throat?

Me: Well, you aren’t into Justin Bieber!

TK: Good save…

Me: Totally! 😉


I’m So Fucking Pissed!


So today’s a Friday.

What do people do on Friday?

They get drunk.

What am I doing on a Friday night?

Well, fixing my fucking blog. And also getting drunk. I’m about three glasses down.

Why am I fixing my blog?

Well, because some ***** decided to hack my blog, “Just for fun”.

Why would someone do that?

Because he is a *****!

So what happened?

Well, someone hacked my blog on Wednesday and since then, my blog was reduced to a fucking blank page.

What did I lose?

Well, I wrote and scheduled blog posts upto 15th January. That mean’s I’ve lost about 25 scheduled blog posts.

And I wrote them when I was drunk. So I don’t remember squat. So, I can’t even re-write them!

All my permalinks will be changed. So all the previous links are useless!

All the pictures have been deleted, so I’ve to re-upload them all.

All comments are gone!

All my plugins are gone!

All my widgets are gone.


That’s why I’m frigging pissed off!

Thanks a lot, Asshole.