I’ve Only Ever!

PBI and BR have dated only each other during their entire dating history (Like Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother) . This, of course results in hilarious situations. Like, all the time.

*During a game of “I’ve never ever ever”*

PGI: I’ve never ever fallen asleep while have sex!

*Everyone looks at BR*

*BR grudgingly takes a sip of beer*

BR: B*tch!

Everyone: *Sniggering* 

*Round 2*

PGI: I’ve never ever farted during sex!

*Everyone looks at BR*

*BR’s face is almost beetroot red while taking a sip of his beer*

Everyone: #LOL

*Round 3*

PGI: During sex, I’ve never ever ever…

BR: Stop!

PGI: What?

BR: You gotta stop saying things about sex!

PGI: Why?

BR: Because everyone knows that it’s probably me!

PGI: So? 😛

BR: Chu…..!

Everyone: #ROLFMAO! 


Sniffing Out A Rat!

During a game of “I’ve never ever ever”.

Me: I’ve never ever ever had sex on a train…..

Everyone else: Uh….huh….

Me: That too in the loo….

Everyone else: Uh….huh….

Me: ….. And got caught by the TT! 

*Complete silence at the long table*

*From the other corner of the table*

CG: You Bitch! 

*Then CG takes a sip of beer*

And ladies and gentleman, that’s how you sniff out a rat!