Be Indian, Do Indian!

Yesterday, I got this forward from a friend. The points mentioned in them were quite interesting, and I thought that we’ve all done one or more of these things.

I thought I’ll share this with my readers.

Things That Make Us Indian

  1. When the shampoo bottle seems to be over, I pour some water in it, shake it, and use it for another bath.
  2. That for me a toothpaste isn’t over until I’ve entirely flattened it out and started rolling it up from the back.
  3. That I buy broccoli and avocados for 300 Rupees, but still ask for some dhaniya patta for free.
  4. That I don’t just recycle gifts, I recycle the gift-wrapping paper too.
  5. Our home has fine bone china crockery which is used only when guests visit.
  6. That I worry about price of gold without any reason of buying it!
  7. That I will beat the crap out of my remote to make it work but not change the battery
  8.  I get so disappointed if the Panipuri guy doesn’t give a free sukha puri in the end when I ask for one.
  9. That I won’t have my breakfast and starve myself if I have been invited for a lunch buffet.
  10.  That when my T-shirt gets old, I use it as night wear, when it gets older, I play Holi in it and then I use it as a pochha.
  11. That I ask for extra oregano and chili flakes from the Dominos guy, so that I can use them later in Maggi.

I thought this was pretty accurate.

Lets have a fun game, you don’t you all vote for what you’ve done from this list? Also, if you have other lists, do mention them in the comments.


The Domino’s Incident

MS and I were, lets say under the influence of *questionable substances* and were in no state to make any logical decisions.

MS: Dude!

Me: Yeah?

MS: Let’s order pizza! From Domino’s

Me: Good idea!

MS: I got a coupon too! Buy one and get one free!

Me: Awesome! Order one pepperoni and one peppy paneer (cottage cheese). 

MS: Sounds like a plan.

*MS finishes ordering*

Me: How much was the bill?

MS: 584 bucks.

Me: 584? Isn’t that too much? I’d thought that it’ll be around 450.

MS: No idea. Must be extra tax. 

Me: Hmmmmm, ok. 

*After five minutes*

MS: Dude! 

Me: What!

MS: I think, we’ve been taken for a ride!

Me: Why?

MS: Tax is about 15% ? 

Me: Yeah…

MS: So the pizza is 370 + 50 + 45 = 465! And the other pizza is free! 

*At this point, all I could imagine was the numbers from that movie, A Beautiful Mind*

Me: Ummmm, ok…

MS: So the tax is 15%. 15% of 465 is 69.75! So the bill must come upto 534.75! Not 584! We’ve been fleeced!

*By this time I was convinced that MS was higher than Mt.Everest. So I got off my lazy ass, did all the calculations and found out that MS was right. Calculating the bill was so intense that all my buzz came down*

Me: Ok, you’re right! 

MS: Let the Domino’s guy come. I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind!

*Twenty minutes laters, the Domino’s guy arrives and hands me the bill*

Me: Dude.

MS: Yeah?

Me: You’re such a dopehead!

MS: Why?

Me: The bill was 534.75 all this while! You heard wrong!

Me: Oh, oops… My bad.