The Mumbai Trip!

These were the highlights of my Mumbai trip. Or rather, what I learnt from my first trip to Mumbai.

  • When you’re flying out on a Monday morning, be prepared to see a crowded airport, because everyone flies out in the morning. Especially if the security likes to screw with you.
  • After landing in Mumbai, I realized that any car can be made into to a taxi. After seeing only Fiats or Ambassadors as the usually yellow black cabs, this just messed with my head! They had Santro’s, Alto’s, Maruti 800’s. Man, respect gone out the window for these cars!
  • Mumbai is full of towering skyscrapers. Period. Don’t try to crane your neck to see all of them. There are just too many to count.
Worli Mumbai

A view of Worli from the Bandra Sea Link

Lower Parel

A view of the office towers at Lower Parel


  • Regardless of what people say, Bangalore weather is waaaaay better than Mumbai weather.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of back alleys. Like seriously! We reached from Worli to Lower Parel in jiffy, thanks to them.


This is a time lapse video I while going through some back alley in Worli

  • Just because you cross the roads in Bangalore like you DGAF, don’t try this stunt here.
  • Roads are just as bad here as well. Well, except maybe town side.
  • Janta’s and Toto’s are way better places to hang out than Hard Rock Café or TGI Friday’s.
Cafe Mondegar

The walls at Cafe Mondegar was painted by Maria Miranda

Toto's Garage

Shouting Toto’s is perfectly fine here!

Leopold Cafe

Places with such rich history


  • Anything or everything sold on the street as food will be served with Shezwan sauce. Try it at your risk.
  • It’s always ok to do touristy stuff. Like standing outside Amitabh Bachhan’s house or clicking a selfie at Worli Sea Face.
Worli Sea Face

Like taking a selfie at the Worli Sea Face


Anyhow, it was a fun trip. Every night we would finish work by 9 pm and then head out to town. 🙂