Up In The Air

The whole family was out for lunch. We decided to go to Church Street Social and by the time we were done, we were pretty tipsy. Dad was decently drunk, I know that because when he’s drunk, he talks a lot. Like, a lot!

So on the way back, there were loads of a-hole motorists who kept on coming in my way. Not the type to back down, me and my bro were taking turns flipping them off. I was driving, my bro was in the passenger’s seat while my parents were in the back.

After a while…

Dad: Why are you both pointing at the roof from time to time?

*Bro, Mom and Me gave my dad dirty looks*

Me: Really? Are you seriously asking me that?

Dad: Yeah, why are pointing to the roof? Are you signal something to those motorists?

Mom: Yes, they are pointing to the roof… Like calling the gods to save them!

Dad: Ah ok…

*After five mins*

Dad: Ah ok! Got it! You were flipping them off!!!

Me: You’d think???

Dad: No comments….