Yo Shawty! It’s Your Birthday! – 2

Since a lot of people asked, here’s how the whole day unfolded.

Time: 00:15 am, 6th June

Location: Home

Alcohol Level: None

Substance Abuse Level (Units): 2

JK, NM, KA and Le Gf come over with a delicious cake and we have an impromptu party on my terrace.


Time: 10:00am, 6th June

Location: Office

Alcohol Level: None

Substance Abuse Level (Units): 1

And that’s how you start office.

Time: 4:00pm, 6th June

Location: Office

Alcohol Level: Half bottle of Banana Wine, One-third bottle of Cashew Wine, One-third bottle of Grape Wine and three shots of Vodka.

Substance Abuse Level (Units): 2

And that’s how you start a birthday celebration.


Yes, someone did gift me two humongous jackfruits!

Time: 9:00pm, 6th June

Location: The Humming Tree

Alcohol Level: Three pints of beer and one Long Island Ice Tea.

Substance Abuse Level (Units): 0

Around 30 people turned up to wish me! We were so noisy that Monica Dogra of Shaa’ir and Func (and David and Dobhi Ghat fame) commented that we’re making more noise than them. She was sweet enough to wish me though!


PS: The gig was mad!

1  3 4 5

Time: 1:00am, 7th June

Location: JK’s house

Alcohol Level: Three rounds of whiskey and two rounds of Old Monk

Substance Abuse Level (Units): 4

Memorable incidents include (which I have no recollection): Me jumping on the couch and screaming,”ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?” followed by me flinging a chair across JK’s living room. Yes, I was drunk. No brownie points for guessing.

No pics here! 😛

Anyhow, it was a maaaaaaad party and all thanks to Le Gf for organizing everything. And I got gifted around four pairs of shoes, which means that I don’t have to buy anything for the next two years!



Yeah, that’s pretty much how I did it!



No Country For Vegetarians

On my birthday, I treat I’m forced to treat my friends. The difference being, instead of taking them out to a pub, I get to call them home and treat them to delicious home cooked meal. My mom is a great f***ing awesome cook. And my friends love her cooking as well.

On one such occasion.

Me: Ma, I need to treat my friends for my birthday. 

Mom: Alright, no problem. But you need to do all the shopping.

Me: Sure. I’ll take take of that.

Mom: So, who are all coming? 

Me: The usual gang, plus MS and CG.

Mom: Alright. What dishes do you want me to make. 

Me: Same thing that you make every year. Biriyani, mutton, chicken, prawn and fish fry. 

Mom: Phew, that’s a relief!

Me: And paneer and gobi (cauliflower) for CG and MS.

Mom: Why especially for them?

Me: Because they are vegetarians..

Mom: Omg, now I have to cook for them too.  Extra work for me. 

Me: Big deal. It’s just two dishes.

Mom: No. I’ll have to make dal and something dry as well. It’s not like they can eat the……. Oh wait, now I have make veg pulao for them too!

Me: Or just plain rice?

Mom: Nah, that won’t look good… You know that, don’t call them. Simple.

Me: Hahahahaha! Right!

Mom: I’m serious…

Me: Errrr…..

*Later that week*

CG: Hey! When’s your birthday treat?

Me: Ummmmm…. Not happening..

CG Why not?!

Me: Logistical issues.

CG: Like what?

Me: My mom doesn’t wanna cook vegetarian food, so…..

CG: Say what? No vegetarian food? This is OUTRAGEOUS!

Me: Errrrrr…..




Photo courtesy: Micheal Murphy.