Who’s Your Daddy?

My dad was coaxing me to buy an iPhone 5s instead of a Nexus 5.

Dad: See, the Apple App Store is very tightly controlled. There are no shady apps!

Me: Ok…

Dad: Android being open source, there are chances that there might be bogus apps with trojan in them.

Me: But it’s 32,000/- for the Nexus 5 and 60,000/- for the iPhone 5s!

Dad: It’s worth it! It’s an Apple product!

Me: Haan! Paisa mera baap dega na? (Yeah, my dad’s gonna pay it for it, isn’t it?)

Dad: Eh…?  

Me: Yeah, I don’t think that was the smartest thing to say….




PS: Just bought a Nexus 5! Yeah! FTW!

Uno! Dos! Tre!

CG calls me up and informs me that he had just got his hands on the latest Greenday trilogy album, iUno!, iDos!, and iTre!

CG: Guess what bitch?

Me: What?

CG: I just got my hands on the new Greenday albums! 

Me: Albums? How many have they released post 21st Century Breakdown?

CG: It’s a trilogy of albums called iUno, iDos and iTre!

Me: iUno? iDos? Sounds like an Apple product!

CG: No dude! It’s weird shit, but the songs are really good!

Me: iDos? Hmmmmmm.

(I logged on to Wikipedia and found out that the album are actually called Uno, Dos and Tre. the ‘i’ was just styled).

Later that day.

Me: CG, come here!

CG: What?

Me: What are the new Greenday albums called?

CG: iUno, IDos and iTre!

Me: Really?

CG: Yup!

(Show him the Wikipedia page)

CG: Ummmmm….

Me: You’re a f***ing moron! 

CG: Damn! I feel like a moron! 

Me: Yup!

CG: Don’t blog about it ok?

Me: Sure!