She Be Crazy!

NM was vacationing at Anjuna, Goa. While he was chilling at the local hangout and smoking some *herbs*, a waiter approached him, informing him that a certain lady sitting all by herself at a nearby table, wished to partake in the activity. Now NM, is a man of few words. He nodded his head and went back to his smoking.

While leaving that place, he passed by that lady and while doing so, the lady called out to him, asking whether he had any extra *herbs*. NM walked a few steps ahead, stopped, checked his pocket and then walked back to that lady.

*NM walks upto her*

NM: Hey!

Lady: Hi…

NM: So I was told that you needed something…

Lady: Oh, is it?

NM: Yeah, something to smoke….

Lady:  I don’t think so. I’d already have something.

*Pointing to her packet of cigarettes*

NM:  Well, ok then. Good for you.

*NM turns to walk away*

Lady: Excuse me!

NM: Yeah?

Lady: Nice try though!

NM: Excuse me?

Lady: Nice attempt to pick me up. I’m sorry, it won’t work.

NM: Sure thing…. And good for you!

*NM starts walking again*


NM: Well lady, f*** you too!


*Some b*tches be crazy*

This is toned down version of what she said. I think she had a couple of nuts loose.