Who’s Your Daddy?

My dad was coaxing me to buy an iPhone 5s instead of a Nexus 5.

Dad: See, the Apple App Store is very tightly controlled. There are no shady apps!

Me: Ok…

Dad: Android being open source, there are chances that there might be bogus apps with trojan in them.

Me: But it’s 32,000/- for the Nexus 5 and 60,000/- for the iPhone 5s!

Dad: It’s worth it! It’s an Apple product!

Me: Haan! Paisa mera baap dega na? (Yeah, my dad’s gonna pay it for it, isn’t it?)

Dad: Eh…?  

Me: Yeah, I don’t think that was the smartest thing to say….




PS: Just bought a Nexus 5! Yeah! FTW!

Pffft! Technology, My A$$!

I’m showing off my brand new Google Nexus 4 to CG.

Me: This phone is superfast, blah blah…. Quad-core processor, blah blah…

CG: Cool!

Me: Blah blah… Jelly Bean 4.2.2.. Blah blah blah, HDR camera… Blah blah…

CG: Sounds awesome! 

Me: It’s got this new feature called Google Now. It’s this predictive service which provides you information, without you searching for it. For example, it’ll figure out that you’re not at home, and automatically send you directions to get back home.  

CG: Whoa nice…

Me: Also, lets say it’s raining, it’ll automatically notify you. This is so cool!

CG: Yeah man!

Me: Only problem is that, it selected my location as Yelahanka. The the weather prediction is based on that area. (I live almost 20 kms from Yelahanka). 

CG: Big deal! It’s pretty accurate, nevertheless.

Me: Yeah, but I wish it would provide the data for my current location. 

*From the other corner of the house*

MS: Stop whining, you fags! Even my phone shows Yelahanka. So buck up!

Me: Errrr…..