Scenes From NH7 Weekender Bangalore

Well, I had a blast last weekend. Coke Studio, Above and Beyond and NH7 Weekender. It was super fun.

So I came up with this when I was drunk and here it goes.

I give you:

Scenes From NH7 Weekender Bangalore


Day 1:

Day 1 was awesome. Or so I thought. It was pouring cats and dogs. It rained close to 145 mm on that day. So well, initially I was bummed, after the alcohol kicked it, I loved it.

The girls at Weekender.



Then it rained! 🙁



Things got better after the rain.



Then someone came up to me and asked me whether I wanted to jump in the mud along with him.



But I still had fun. Also, I met Dualist Inquiry. 😀


Day 2:
Day 2 was even better. Clear skies and all the stages were rearing to go.

I personally loved Skrat. They were giving away free T – shirts.



CG had a problem though.



Also, I might have kicked someone while trying catch a T – shirt.


Noisia was my pick of the day. Their beats were brutal.



Other acts were awesome too But since I’m drunk, I’m not going to write about it. I can hardly keeps my eyes open and someone is playing Duran Duran’s Ordinary World in the hall.

Anyhow, it didn’t rain on Sunday!



Also, I met the Okay Potato guy, P-Man Pereira.

Now it was time for FACEBOOK!


I’m just kidding. NH7 Weekender was EPIC!

See you next year!

The Call

I’d just quit my job and made an impulsive decision to go on a vacation to Goa. I took the first flight out to Goa the next morning. Since there wasn’t enough time to inform all the vendors that I’m no longer a part of my previous company, I was asked to keep in touch with them till the transition was complete.  During the vacation, I got a call from one such vendor.

Vendor: Hello sir!

Me: Hello.

Vendor: Sir, one payment is still pending. Please make that payment as soon as possible. 

Me: Ok sure. I’m actually on vacation now. I’ll get back to office next week and I’ll have that payment processed. 

Vendor: Oh ok. On a vacation, sir?

Me: Yes. 

Vendor: Where, sir?

Me: Goa. 

Vendor: Great sir! So any good news, sir?

Me: Errrrrr, no. I’m just taking a vacation. It was long overdue. 

Vendor: Oh ok. It’s fine. You said vacation, so I thought some good news. Never mind sir, you have a good time there. 

Me: Errrr… Ok…

Vendor: Bye, sir.

Me: Bye.

*I cut the call*

Me: What dafaq just happened? 



Shout It Out Loud!

It was Ganesh Chaturthi and CG, HM, VS and I decided to go on a short road trip to Nandi Hills. After we reached there, CG and HM decided to pose for a kazillion pics. I mean seriously WTF. Anyhow, there was a group four, three girls and one guy who were near us, doing the same thing. They overheard our conversation began commenting on everything that we said.

CG: Dude! Why coundn’t you get your DSLR?

Me: Cos it’s out of battery and I don’t wanna feed your narcissism.

CG: What bullsh*t! Why the f*** do you have a DSLR then?

HM: You have a DSLR? Why didn’t you get it?

Me: Cos both of you are the biggest cam-whores that I know!

HM: F*** off! What pics am I supposed to upload on Facebook now?

Me: Use CG’s 12 MP camera phone!

CG: I need to get new friends man!

Random Girl#1: Why the f*** are you posing if there’s no cam?

*That group bursts out laughing*

CG: Well some of us are photogenic, unlike some people.

*VS, HM and I double up laughing*

Random Guy#1: Well, some of us aren’t such big losers!

CG: Says the guy who’s friend-zoned!

Me: Hahahahaha. How’d you know that he’s friend-zoned and not banging all three of them?

CG: Dude! Look at him! Three chicks and one guy. Definitely friend-zoned!

HM: Ahem..Ahem… What about me? It’s three guys here are and I’m the only girl!

Me: Dude! You’re a superstar! You’re like 1-7-3-3!

HM: What?

Me: 1-7-3-3! Ek Saath Teen Teen! (Ask a friend who knows Hindi if you don’t get it)

HM: How’s that supposed to make me feel better?

Me: You get to choose from a wide variety!

CG: Hahahah… That doesn’t sound any better!

Me: Yada yada… Spare me the details. Anyways, are you done with your sparring session?

CG: F*** those girls dude! F*** them! If they had any iota hotness in them, then I’d listen to them. Since they don’t, they can talk to my hand.

Me: Hahahahaha. F***ing c***. You lost didn’t you?

CG: No! They no hot. I no care. Capisce?  

Me: Sure dude. Whatever makes you happy!



The Amazing Race!

We all have that one friend, who is competitive about everything. The types who are always eager to show that they have ‘been there and done that’, before it was popular? Well, my friend BP, takes the cake.

Scene #1

BP: Dude! That Al – Amanah Cafe is awesome! 

Me: Yeah, I know!

BP: Dude, after you showed me this place, I’ve stopped going to Empire for dinner!

Me: Same here man, I’ve stopped eating there too after I found this place. 

BP: I stopped eating at Empire even before I got to know about this place. Like five months back!

Me: Errrrrr….. Ok… Sure….


Scene #2

Me: Hey! Check out these psychedelic paints I got!

BP: Where’d you get them from?

Me: Psybabas!

BP: You know, I know the owner of that place!

Me: Me too!

BP: I had met him like two years back!

Me: Ummmmm, ok….

BP: Back then, I used to buy psychedelic paints from him! Then I stopped it because his paints were crap.

Me: Ummmmmm… Ok….

BP: Yeah man, I’ve been going there for years now!

Me: #facepalm


Scene #3

Me: Have you been to Anjuna?

BP: Yeah man! Been going there since college days!

Me: Me too! I love Curlies!

BP: Curlies is too commercial dude! Shiva Valley is better!

Me: Yeah that’s nice too!

BP: I used to go to Curlies before it became popular man… Back then they used to play good music, not commercial like today.

Me: Errrrr… Ok…

BP: Yeah man… I’ve been around that scene for while now man….

Me: Sure…. Whatever makes you happy!



Love Hurts…No..Love Bites!

About two years back, I had gone to Gokarna with my (now ex) girlfriend and her best friend. Since it was only the three of us, we decided to share a room. Before any of you can go *bow-chicka-bow-wow*, let me clarify – Nothing happened.

Anyways, on the journey back, the seats on our bus were riddled with bed bugs and by the time we got back to Bangalore, all our exposed areas ( mostly arms and back) were covered with nasty bed bug bites.

I wore a half sleeve shirt to my office that day.

*My colleague, JD walks upto me*

JD: So dude, I heard that you went to Gokarna with two hotties! Is that true?

Me: Yeah. That’s true!

JD: That’s sexy dude! So f***ing sexy! 

Me: Hahaha… Relax…..

JD: So did you get any? Let me guess, you had a threesome! Right?

Me: No man…. Nothing happened.

JD: Did you share a bed?

Me: Yeah, the bed was big.

JD: Man, I knew it! You player!!

Me: Dude! Believe me! Nothing happened!

*He looks at my bed bug bites*

JD: Oh..My..God! Look at those hickeys! 

Me: Huh? What?

JD: How do you explain those hickeys!

Me: Dude! These are bug bites man! Bed bugs! The bus was full of them!

JD: No way man! No way! 

Me: Oh lord! Why is it so hard for you to believe that nothing happened? 

JD: You went to Gokarna with two hotties, you shared a bed with two hotties and you come back with hickeys to prove that you got some action. Man, you’re a poon hound man!

Me: Dude! These are not hickeys! These are bug bites!

JD: I wasn’t born yesterday, you know… I know a hickey when I see one.

Me: Well, these are hickeys, why would they be on my arms? My frigging arms! It would be on my neck or something!

JD: I dunno… Maybe those hotties had some crazy fetish?

Me: Well, no. And if you think these are hickeys, I have no idea to which whore house you’ve been to, because these are not HICKEYS!

JD: Hahaha… Nice try, you stud! 😉



PS: Nothing happened!


The Mystery Of The Missing Charger

NM, JK and I were on our way to Gokarna.

*JK looks at my bag*

JK: Dude! Whoa! Why do have two bags man?

Me: The duffel bag has all my clothes and the backpack has my camera, whiskey, swiss knife, flashlight, laser pointer….

JK: Dafaq man! You’re going all commando huh?

 Me: Errrrr, you know ‘going commando‘ means something else right?

JK: Hahaha! Really?

Me: Look it up later.

JK:  Alright But still, your bag is too heavy. 

Me: Yeah I know. I like to play it safe, hence I overpack. (During the trip, I would use only 3 T’s and two shorts. I packed nearly double of that).

*One hour into the journey, JK notices that were mobile charging points next to every seat*

JK: Yo, NM! Pass me your charger.

NM: I didn’t bring mine.

JK: Hahaha…! Me too! I thought I’ll whore yours! 

NM: Bad luck! I thought the same.

JK: So you made an assumption and that went wrong. The moral of the story is; Don’t make assumptions. 

NM: No actually. I was right to assume. It just backfired because you thought the same. 

JK: But your assumption to depend on me was flawed to begin with. Because I usually use your stuff! 

NM: It’s not me who’s flawed! Your assumption that you can always whore off me, that is flawed!


JK: Just proving a point mate! 

Me: Jeeez! Stop talking! Here! Use my charger! 

JK: Awesome, Your lady bag finally came handy! 

Me: Just be grateful………………………………..Douche!


PS: Here are some pics I took at Gokarna.


The First View Of The Sea

The First View Of The Sea

The View From Namaste Cafe

The View From Namaste Cafe

The Sea Could Bitchslap You If It Wanted To!

The Sea Could Bitchslap You If It Wanted To!

The Idle Evening Sets In

The Idle Evening Sets In

One Love Is All You Need!

One Love Is All You Need!

Sunday Morning Glory

Sunday Morning Glory

This Chicken Jumped Onto Our Table And Gobbled Up An Omelette! Please Don't Tell PETA!

This Chicken Jumped Onto Our Table And Gobbled Up An Omelette! Please Don’t Tell PETA!

Saying Goodbye Was The Hardest Thing To Do!

Saying Goodbye Was The Hardest Thing To Do

I Got Them Highway Blues!

I Got Them Highway Blues!

7 Up, Sir?

This is an anecdote, I thought I’ll share with you all.

Way back in 2001, my parents decided to do a temple hopping road trip (spree) in Tamil Nadu. Our destinations included Chidambaram, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Thanjavur and Kanchipuram.

During our stop over at Tiruchirappalli, we were unable to find accommodation in the top notch hotels in the town and had to settle for a modest one. Though the rooms weren’t all that bad, our hotel did boast of having 24 hours room service. That night, I was having trouble falling asleep, so I thought that I’d enjoy the company of a chilled beverage.

I called up the reception.

Me: Hi, can I get a 7 Up?

 Receptionist: 7 Up, sir? Yes sir. No problem. 

Me: Thank you! 

The beverage never arrived, but I was promptly woken up at 7 am the next morning. 

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