Deliciously Delectable!

AB and I were out for lunch at Toit.

AB: Have you decided what you’re planning to have?

Me: No… Pass me the menu.

AB: Here

*Passes me the menu*

*As I was scrolling through the menu, a gorgeous woman passed by our table*

Me: I know what I’m having!

AB: Oh yeah….! Good choice, man!

*AB starts grinning*

Me: What?

AB: Oh….

Me: What?

AB: When you said, “I know what I’m having”, you were talking about food right?

Me: Yup… And you assumed that I was talking about that hot chick that passed by our table?

AB: Yup….

Me: Douche…

AB: My bad…



Stormtroopers – E1 – Order 66

Hello there!

Long time, no see.

I’ve been busy. Like seriously.

But now I’m back. I’ll try my best to post regularly.


Now that I know how to make my own gifs, I’ve decided to start my own comic series, featuring two Stormtroopers.


Without further adieu, here’s the first episode! (Click to play)