Pitches Be Crazy!

I guess every industry has its own set of jargon and advertising being advertising has its share of jargon too. Now people outside of advertising may not be properly acquianted with these terms but they sure do lead to some hilarious conversations.

GC texted me on a weekday.

GC: What you upto?

Me: Nothing much. Just working on a couple of pitches. 

*For the uninitiated, pitch refers to the presentation that you present to the client in order to win their business*

GC: Pitches, huh?

Me: Yup!

GC: You mean punk b*tches, right?

Me: What? How did you arrive at that?

GC: Simple! Punk + B*tches = Pitches!

Me: Oh god, no….

GC: Then?

Me: I mean a presentation!

GC: You could have said that no? 

Me: #FacePalm


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