The Racket!

I get a call from Airtel call centre. Allegedly. I used the word allegedly here because I was pretty sure that it was a racket.

Guy: Hello sir!

Me: Hello!

Guy: Sir, I’m calling from Airtel call centre.

Me: Ok…

Guy: Are you happy with your current service?

Me: Yes. Totally!

Guy: I would like to inform you that your number was one of the selected number has won a surprise!

Me: Go on…

Guy: Sir, you have won 50000 in total!

Me: That’s awesome!

Guy: We will credit 5000 in your mobile as talk time credit and the remaining 45000 in your bank account.

Me: That’s brilliant!

Guy: All we need from your side, is a few details.

Me: Sure!

Guy: Do you have a bank account?

Me: Absolutely! How’d you think I pay my Airtel bill?

Guy: Great Sir! Do you have online banking?

Me: Of course! Who doesn’t?

Guy: Very good sir! I just need a few details!

Me: Go on…

Guy: Please log into your account.

Me: Oh no….

Guy: What happened, Sir?

Me: Man, I forgot my password generator at home!

Guy: That’s ok, Sir. I can call you tomorrow!

Me: Brilliant!

Guy: No problem!

Me: By the way, you know….

Guy: Yes, sir…?

Me: I know it’s a racket!

Guy: What sir?

Me: You think I don’t know what you guys are upto?

Guy: What sir?

Me: I’m going report you guys to the cops!

*line goes dead*

Me: Maybe I should have started the conversation with that.


Dear Airtel, if you happen to read this blog, you guys need to clamp down on this shit!

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