Happy Fathers Day!

No, this blog post isn’t about actual Fathers Day.

*At Café Mondegar*

*A table nearby was occupied by a couple that looked like a father with his daughter*

*After two pitchers of beer each*

Me: Oh.. That’s nice…

Lady Boss: What’s nice?

Me: That table over there….

Lady Boss: What about it?

Me: It’s nice to see a father and his daughter spending some time together…

*Lady boss starts sniggering*

Me: What?

Lady Boss: You really think that a father and a daughter?

Me: Why? What else could it be?

Lady Boss: Well….

Me: Go on…

Lady Boss: Husband and wife?

Me: She looks too puny to be his wife, especially for a guy that old…

Lady Boss: Girl with her sugar daddy?

Me: Really? That really happens?

Lady Boss: Ofcourse! It’s Mumbai! Everyone’s loaded!

Me: Hmmmmm…. Could it be that, it’s his secretary and he’s dining her?

Lady Boss: Very much possible or it could be…

Me: An escort? A girlfriend experience?

Lady Boss: Very much possible!

Me: Bleh! You’re drunk! So am I! There’s no way that lady is over 21 years old!

Lady Boss: Fine… Whatever you say…

*After getting a look at her, when she passed me by while I was at the jukebox*

*Yes, they had a jukebox*

Me: Alright… You were right!

Lady Boss: About what?

Me: That woman over there not being his daughter!

Lady Boss: Why?

Me: I got a look at her. She’s not a kid or short. She’s a puny full grown adult!

Lady Boss: Told ya!

Me: Fine…

Lady Boss: It was so adorable that you thought that they were father-daughter to begin with! Hahahaha!

Me: Eh…?


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