Being Begusarai…

AB and I were travelling around the city in a cab. We kept on seeing hoardings for a new channel called &TV and one of their shows was called Begusarai.

The hoarding was in Hindi.

AB: What is the name of the show?

Me: Begusarai.

AB: What does it mean?

Me: I dunno. Just the name of the show, I guess…

AB: But it’s has to mean something right?

Me: I dunno, maybe it’s the name of one of the lead characters.

AB: Man, how come you don’t know the meaning?

Me: Look who’s talking?

AB: I can read Hindi ok?

Me: Fine, whatever.

*AB turns to the driver*

AB: Bhaiya, who Tv show ka naam kya hai? (Bro, what’s the name of that TV show?)

Driver: Beguasarai…

AB: Uska matlab kya hai? (What does that mean?)

Driver: TV show ka naam hai.. (It’s the name of the TV show)

AB: Errrrrr…. Ok…. Thank you!

Me: Told you!

AB: This is not over!

Me: Chu….




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