Lost & Found

LKB calls me up after hearing that I’ll be in Mumbai in the coming week.

LKB: Hey!

Me: Wassup?

LKB: Listen….

*20 mins later*

*Yes, he talks that much*

LKB: So, the real reason I called was for…

Me: Finally… Go on….

LKB: I think I left my jacket at your place when I had stayed over.

Me: No, you didn’t.

LKB: You sure?

Me: Yes and that was almost five months ago, you’re asking me this only now?

LKB: Well… Yeah… I had to go to a fancy dinner, so wanted to wear my jacket. When I couldn’t find it, I assumed that I had left it at your place!

Me: Seeesh…. Anyhow, you did leave your sunglasses behind…

LKB: I did?

Me: Yes.

LKB: I had sunglasses?

Me: Yes, you f***tard.

LKB: Which one?

Me: That brown colour Fastrack one!

LKB: Oh yeah…. I thought I had lost those!

Me: Wow… You also left your portable mobile charger.

LKB: Really?

Me: Yup…

LKB: Awesome! Could you bring them along with you when you come here?

Me: Why should I? How do you end up leaving things back when you travel?

LKB: Sh*t happens… Besides, I’ll always have you to bring it for me!

Me: Do I look like a butler to you?

LKB: Sure, while we’re at that, I’ll be Batman!

Me: *facepalm*

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