He’s Got The Look!

Le Gf and I were going through Facebook and came across my brother’s new profile picture.

Le Gf: Oh wow….

Me: What?

Le Gf: He looks so good!

Me: Yeah, plus he’s very photogenic. 

Le Gf: Hmmmm…. Yeah…. Plus he’s got a classic look…

Me: What does that mean?

Le Gf: You know, slim, dark, yada, yada….

Me: Uh.. Huh…. And I’m un-classically good looking?  

Le Gf: Yeah, totally!

Me: What the f*** is that supposed to mean?

 Le Gf: Ummmm….. Well…. Fair and…. Ummmm….

Me: It’s ok, don’t try to save it…

Le Gf: What you have such a nice personality! 

Me: Ouch! That’s what people tell fugly people!

*Le Gf looks the other way*

Me: B*tch! 


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