Being Gangsta!

At an office lunch outing.

Time: 4:00 pm

State: Drunk. Fine, tipsy drunk. Actually just one step away from being sh*t faced.

Me: The menus here are so good looking! I want to carry one home and frame it!

Lady Boss: Do you know why women carry big bags?

Me: No, enlighten me…

Lady Boss: So that we can put whatever junk we want to put in them!

Me: Go on…

Lady Boss: Such as cutlery from restaurants, glasses…..

Me: Uh…. Huh…

Lady Boss: How’d you think I built my new cutlery collection?

Me: Awwwright! Time for shots!

Lady Boss: Shots!

*I don’t really remember what happened rest of the night*

*But yeah, whatever*


*Also, I’m drunk on a few glasses of wine as I’m writing this*



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