Of Lunches and Starters

I had just found out my new office space would be behind Le Gf’s house. And for some reason, the news spread like wildfire, especially among jealous couples who live miles apart from each other.

I happened to be talking to my friend JC at a party about this.

JC: So I heard that your new office is behind your girlfriends house?

Me: Yup!

JC: You lucky bugger!

MeI know right. I don’t have to go far to meet her!

JC: Uh..Huh…! I’m sure that you’re going to drop into her place everyday for ‘lunch’! 😉 

Me: Oh… Please..!

JC: Are you saying that you won’t do that?

Me: What I’m saying is that, I’ll go over lunch but I’ll definitely have the ‘starters’ too! 😛 

JC: Jeez! Hahaha!

*High Five*

*After a month*

JC: How’s the new office?

Me: Pretty good!

JC: How’s the lunch scene going? 😉

Me: Hahahaha!

JC: Well?

Me: Funnily, after my office opened there, I did have lunch at her place for a couple of days!

JC: Awwwwright! That’s what I’m talking about!

Me: No, no! I mean actual lunch. The eating one..


Me: What did I do?

*Women, I tell you are hard to understand*



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