Being Single

MC’s birthday party was coming up. As a part of the celebrations, he decided to fly down to Bangalore and throw a massive party at JK’s . The modus operandi was to get krunk f***ing drunk. As simple as that.

 PS: I think this blog is read better while listening to Fancy by Iggy Azalea, for some reason.

MC: Wassup?

Me: You tell me!

MC: So the Bangalore trip is on!

Me: Awwwright!

MC: The agenda is to get sh*t faced drunk!

Me: You had me at sh..! 😛

MC: Hahaha! And guess what?

Me: What?

MC: We have some hotties flying in from Mumbai and Delhi to join us for the party!

Me: Seriously?

MC: Yup!

Me: Nice!

MC: The menu as of now is a crate of beer, four bottles of Absolute vodka,  five bottles of Dewar’s whiskey, two bottles of tequila and two bottles of champagne!

Me: Oh. Sweet. Mary. Joseph. Jesus!

MC: Hahahaha!

Me: So the party is in two weeks! By that time I’ll…

MC: Be single?

Me: Eh?

MC: Be single so that you can have some fun? 😉

Me: Errr, I was about to say lay low. As in lay low till the party and then *boom*!

MC: Yeah, that too!

Me: Douche!

MC: You too!

Moral Of The Story: Men Will Always Be Men.


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