Attack Of The Moo Kind!

I was discussing content strategy for a client with AG in office. The client specialized in crispy fried chicken and all things fried like nuggets and such.

Me: Do you wanna do a campaign around healthy eating?

AG: What? Why?

Me: You know, eating chicken is good for you… Daily protein intake and blah.

AG: Are you serious?

Me: What’s wrong with that idea?

AG: Our client sells fried chicken. Deep fried crispy chicken. That is unhealthy as hell. What healthy eating will you promote?

Me: Well, chicken is white meat. White meat is way healthier that beef, pork aka red meat. So we can spin a campaign around that.

AG: But still dude, deep fried chicken! White meat or no white meat, it’s unhealthy as f***!

*AM was eavesdropping on our conversation*

AM: Wait, isn’t red meat the good kind?

AG: What? No dude! Who told you that?

AM: I dunno! People told me that red meat is good meat, which is why I eat only white meat, the unhealthy one!

Me: Are you f***ing with us?

AM: No dude! I’m serious! That’s why I don’t eat red meat, because I thought it’s good for us!

AG: Jeez!

Me: Basically someone made a ch****a out of you!

AG: Hahahahaha!

AM: Errrr…

Me: They pulled some reverse psychology sh*t on you. They didn’t want you to eat red meat, so they told you that it’s ‘good for you’. You believed them and never touched red meat. Problem solved.

AM: Sh*t! F***!

Me: Yup!

AM: My whole childhood is a lie!

Me: Sh*t happens, bro…




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