The Quesadilla Incident

I was chilling at Le Gf’s house after work.

Le Gf: Hey baby! Guess what?

Me: What?

Le Gf: I was out for lunch today and picked up some Goan sausage filled queasadillas for you!

Me: Oh wow! Really?

Le Gf: Yup! You like Goan sausages right?

Me: Yeah, LOVE them!

Le Gf: 😀

*Later at home*

Mom: What’s that food in the fridge? You got some food packed last night?

Me: No… Le Gf was out for lunch, so she picked it up for me.

Mom: Looks like one of the pieces is missing.

Me: Yeah, she ordered it for herself then got it packed for me since I love Goan sausages so much! 

Mom: Seems more like she wants you to eat red meat so that she doesn’t have to eat them!

Me: Pffft…. Yeah, right!

Mom: I’m telling you!

*Later that week at Le Gf’s house*

Me: Guess what? 

Le Gf: What?

Me: I think my mom’s gone bonkers!

Le Gf: Why?

Me: She thinks that you got those quesadillas for me because you don’t want to eat red meat and shizz….

Le Gf: Ummmmm….

Me: Crazy right?

 Le Gf: She’s quite spot on actually….

Me: Whaaat?

Le Gf: But I love you, no…..



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