Great Minds Think Alike

My job requires me to manage brands online. Now the thing is (obviously) depending on the demographic of the brand, you need to tweak the tone of the language that you use. If it’s a high end luxurious product, you need to use big flowery words and if it’s a product for the masses, you need to tone down your language and use words like cool, super, fantastic, etc.

Anyhow, this brand was the sort where the crowd that is active on their Facebook page is very ghati. The types who can’t type a single grammatically correct sentence in English and all of them typ lik dis. You know what I mean, right?

So because of this, we were in a dilemma – We could either make the creatives “cool”, which means whacky fonts, bright colors and the likes or we could design a something classy, which would have sober colors etc. All this was for a promotional event for the brand.

We met the client to discuss the lines of communications and whatever collaterals that the team had designed so far.

Me: Here are some of the creatives that we have designed for the event…

Client: Uh..Huh…

Me: These are the copy that we’ll be using…

Client: Uh..Huh…

Me: I have just one doubt regarding the tone of communication..

Client: Go on…

Me: I took a look at the fans that are active on your Facebook page and based on that we’ll be designing the creatives.

Client: Ok…

Me: Now the thing is that the fans on the Facebook page are…. Ummmm…. How to say it…

Client: Are like chuths?

Me: Exactly! They are!

Client: So go ahead and design something that’s cool and eye catching. Don’t even try to be classy and all that shit!

Me: Ok then! You just made my day!




PS: That event was massive success! 🙂

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