Forever Alone!

My friend LKB was coming to town for the weekend.

LKB: Yo!

Me: What?

LKB: I’m coming to Bangalore for the weekend!

Me: Awesomeness!

LKB: Yeah! It’s been ages since I got out of Mumbai!

Me: Cool…. What do you wanna do while you are here?

LKB: Ummmm…. Let’s go out partying and get shit-faced!

Me: Sounds good! I’m in!

LKB: And meeting some hotties wouldn’t be a bad idea either….

Me: Hahahaha! Why dude?

LKB: Yeah, there’s a paucity (fancy a$$ word for less) of chicks in my life… So, yeah..

Me: Hahaha!

LKB: What?

Me: When were you ever knee deep in babes?

LKB: Chu….

Me: 😛



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