The Downside Of Upside!

The Le Gf and I were having a random conversation.

Le Gf: What do you think will happen if we broke up?

Me: I dunno… Would be awkward I guess..

Le Gf: Why?

Me: Well, we have loads of mutual friends. You get along with all my friends; you’re good friends with most of them. So it would be awkward if they had to choose sides.

 Le Gf: Well, all that won’t matter to me…

Me: Why so?

Le Gf: When I break up with someone, I just cut all contacts with that person, social circle, etc..

MeUh…Huh… Dramatic much?

Le Gf: I’m like this only… When I break up with someone, I’ll just disappear from their life… No drama… No nothing….

Me: Oh my god! That’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard!

Le Gf: Eh?

Me: No drama, no nothing… It’ll be so peaceful!

Le Gf: You bitch!

Me: 😛


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