No Favoritism Please!

At office. Allocating clients to the sales guy.

Me: Alright, so you take Client A, Client B and Client C. 

Sales Guy: How about no?

Me: What?

Sales Guy: I don’t want those clients. Give it to Blah 1 or Blah 2!

Me: What do you mean by you don’t want them?

Sales Guy: It’s inconvenient for me!

Me: Sorry?

Colleague: Let me elaborate.

Me: Sure, humor me….

 Colleague: He chooses his client based on two factors…

Me: Which are?

Colleague: Distance from his house and distance from his girlfriends house. 

Me: What crap?

Sales Guy: Seriously dude! See, Client X – Next to girlfriends house, Client – Y – On the way to my house from office and Client – Z – You get the drift right?

Me: I can’t believe this! What if your girlfriend moves?

Sales Guy: I’ll change my clients accordingly! 

Me: Jeez!

Sales Guy: Relax boss, ab ki baar, Modi sarkar!

Me: Eh, that doesn’t even make sense! 

Sales Guy: Exactly!

Me: #Facepalm! 


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