Expectations Vs Reality

At a house party.

NM: If you had the money, what cool thing would you buy?

Me: Hmmmmm…. Let’s see….

NM: Dude, money is no object…

Me: Hmmmmm, alright, I’d like to buy a Segway!

NM: Alright! Now we’re talking!

*Le Gf thinking to herself*

Le Gf: Segway? Must be like a sexy car like a Mustang or something!

*Turns to me*

Le Gf: Show me a pic!

Me: Here!



Le Gf: What the f*** is this sh*t?

Me: Errrrrr, it’s a Segway!

Le Gf: It’s not a Mustang? 

Me: Errrrr, no?

Le Gf: You were up there, now you’re down here!

Me: Ummm….

Le Gf: And I’d thought that’ll I do you in the Mustang…

Me: Alright….

Le Gf: And I thought that you were cool….

Me: #FML! 



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