The Internet Footprint!

Chatting with Le Gf on a Sunday.

Le Gf: Dude!

Me: Yeah?

Le Gf: Last night you were pretty drunk!

Me: Was I?

Le Gf: Yeah, you had a lot to drink!

Me: Hmmmm…. I see…

Le Gf: And then you kept on saying random things!

Me: Like? When?

Le Gf: When all us of us were dancing to ghati music, you realized that you were the only one who wasn’t grooving to it, you started telling all of us that “You don’t know us” and “You’ll disown us”!

Me: Really?

Le Gf: Yup! Very much!

Me: I did remember saying something that, but I’m sure that I wasn’t during that party!

Le Gf: Nope, it was last night!

Me: I doubt that!

Le Gf: Dude! Trust me, you were drunk as hell!

Me: I remember tweeting something. Wait…

*Check my Twitter handle*


 Me: Ummmmm,  so yeah…. It was last night… 

Le Gf: Told you so!

Me: #fml!



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