Bloody Hell!

Having lunch with my two bosses after we had just finished interviewing a candidate for the position of Head of Digital Marketing.

Me: I like that chick, she has a good temperament. 

Lady Boss: Yeah man, she looks like she means business.

Dude Boss: I like her attitude, she seems like a good fit.

Lady Boss: That female is a proper bitch. You would think twice before lying to her about why you haven’t finished your work.

Me: Yeah, totally! She can take you apart.

Lady Boss: You know what?

Me: What?

Lady Boss: We should hire only women to lead the different teams!

Me: Go on….

Lady Boss: They would be efficient, get work done and kick ass when required! Everything would be smooth!

Me: Hmmmmm, I get your point… But…

Lady Boss: But what?

Me: Imagine, if their periods are during the same time, there would be hell in office!

Dude Boss: Hahahaha! Imagine that!

Lady Boss: Actually that happens!  

Me: Really?

Lady Boss: When women work in close quarters, their cycles get synced! 

Me: Uh…Oh…

Lady Boss: Imagine those four-five  days! Muahahahahaha!

Me: That’s it! We have to start stocking chocolates and flowers in addition to wine in office now! 

Lady Boss: Imagine that! Full celebration and maska-fying only! 

Dude Boss: Sounds like a plan!

Me: #FML! 

Lady Boss: Muahahahahaha!



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