Him? Of All People?

So we were having a house party at JK’s house. JK’s date was this uber-gorgeous babe who was DTF (if you don’t know the meaning of DTF, google it).  Anyhow, I had to leave early because I was just back from an office BBQ and after having 10 rounds of whiskey, a couple of swigs of champagne and a few gulps of wine, I wasn’t exactly in the mood to party. Also, three rounds of Old Monk at JK’s place was not helping me to stay awake either.

So anyhow, by the time I decided to leave, JK was holding hands with the above mentioned DTF chick and was slow dancing. It was definitely weird to watch an usually loud-as-shit JK do all this lovey dovey stuff but I was sure that he would seal the deal that night. Else, that would have been the biggest KLPD on this planet.

*Next day*

Me: Yo!

JK: Yo!

Me: So did you seal the deal?

JK: Hell yeah!

Me: Phew!

*Gory details and 15 mins later*

JK: So guess what?

Me: She’s got a boyfriend?

JK: Yup!

Me: And I’m guessing that it’s a long distance?

JK: Yup!

Me: She’s going to get married to him?

JK: Yes!

Me: So this is a one-last-fling-before-marriage types?

JK: Seems like that! So I don’t have to worry about commitment and shit!

Me: Coolio!

*Later that day, talking to my gf*

*Yes, read that line again*

*I’ve a gf now*

*High five*

 Me: Guess what?

Le Gf: He slept with her?

Me: Yeah…. But guess what?

Le Gf: What?

Me: That chick has got a bf, long distance and is going to get married to him.

Le Gf: What? Why?

Me: What why?

Le Gf: So why did she sleep with JK then?

Me: One last fling, I guess?

Le Gf: I can actually sympathize with her….

Me: You do?

Le Gf: Yeah, I totally get it. 

Me: Okies….

Le Gf: But I don’t get one thing…

Me: What?

Le Gf: Why JK of all people?

Me: As in?

Le Gf: She wanted a fling right? 

Me: Yeah?

Le Gf: So why JK of all people. I mean this city is full of good looking, sophisticated men and she had to choose a douchebag like JK? Like seriously? 

Me: Cos her standards are low?

Le Gf: Hahahaha…. Jeez, we’re such evil people!

Me: Totally!


2 thoughts on “Him? Of All People?

  1. One look at the crowd in a popular Delhi club and you find yourself marveling at the fat/ugly/insensitive/all of the above asshats women will settle for. Not a comment on JK. Just the woman he spent the night with. And other women. Okay, okay, MOST women. There, I said it.

    • I’ve always wondered, what’s with women settling with such douchebags. I mean, like why? And why good guys get friendzoned? Why? Why? Why?

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