He’s A Gentleman, Bro…

At a house warming party.

Drunk Dude: Dude!

Me: Yeah?

Drunk Dude: Is that a pen in your pocket? 

Me: Errrrr, yes?

Drunk Dude: That’s so cool!

Me: Really?

Drunk Dude: Yeah man!

Me: Alright…

Drunk Dude: Can I like, see it?

Me: Sure…..

*I give him my pen*

Drunk Dude: So cool bro!

*A chick enters the scene*

Chick: What are you guys talking about?

Drunk Dude: This guy carries a pen with him! That’s so cool!

Chick: That’s nothing! He also carries a handkerchief at all times! 

Drunk Dude: Like really?

Me: Errr, yes!

Drunk Dude: That’s so awesome! So old fashioned! 

Chick: He’s such a gentleman no?

Drunk Dude: Totally!

Me: #facepalm! 


2 thoughts on “He’s A Gentleman, Bro…

    • Sigh… My boss says the same thing. I’ve lost the no. of times I’ve been summoned just so they can borrow a pen.

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