Anything Goes!

At a house party.

Me: Dude!

Friend: Yeah?

Me: Who’s that cute chick standing by the fridge?

Friend: Who? Her? That’s Blah!

Me: Sweet. What a lovely name!

Friend: You really find her cute?

Me: Yeah man! She’s really cute!

Friend: Interesting!

Me: Give me an intro!

Friend: No way!

Me: Why not?

Friend: She’s not your type!

Me: What do you mean by “she’s not my type”?

Friend: How can I explain it to you?

Me: Try me!

Friend: Dude, she’s not your type, ok?

Me: What do you mean that she’s not my type!? She’s a chick! Chicks are my type, ok?

Friend: Oh god… #Facepalm!

Me: So….. Intro?


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